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Cruise ship
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From: tedder
Thu Aug 25 16:42:10 -0700 2005
this might be a Coast Guard ship.

From: tedder
Thu Aug 25 16:57:07 -0700 2005
on second thought, it is about 830 feet (250 meters) long. That is about right for an average cruise ship.

A wiki entry on the high endurance cutters says they are the "largest class of vessel" except the icebreakers. Of course, icebreakers tend to win when displacement is concerned.

Anyhow, the WHEC class is only 378 feet (115 meters).


From: barbatus
Thu Aug 25 17:13:20 -0700 2005
This is exactly what I did: measured the ship ... but I didn't want yet another proof of being crazy :)))

From: barbatus
Thu Aug 25 17:43:14 -0700 2005
As for the location, the ship is entering the Queen Charlotte Strait, off the Hope Island.

From: Numberdcompany
Thu Nov 24 16:24:52 -0800 2005
I think that is the Dawn Princess, or possibly a sistership.


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