Unknown circles
Irrigation circles?
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From: nic767
Tue Aug 02 17:07:39 -0700 2005
Quite possible terorist training camps censored by US gov't

From: Mark
Tue Aug 02 19:22:22 -0700 2005
Or perhaps crude oil storage? Each one is a kilometer in diameter, and some look like they haven't been filled yet. There's also a well head fire a little to the east.

From: vwsmok
Wed Aug 03 00:11:45 -0700 2005
Maybe it's water? Location is similar:

From: JoernB
Wed Aug 03 02:56:59 -0700 2005
I believe these are farming sites with circular irrigation.
(You can see this, if you zoom in, in one of the lighter circles in the south-west.

From: barbatus
Wed Aug 03 07:43:31 -0700 2005
To store water like that in a desert? Seems unlikely to me.

From: karlquartz
Sat Oct 29 10:47:05 -0700 2005
Amazing what you guys can come up with.
Guess I migtht do the same, but on these I already know...

Yes, they're called 'pivots' and they are for cultivation.
At the centre of each is a water well.
The arms vary in length - you'll see they are not all the same size but most of the longest ones will be around 500m long.
The arm is mounted on wheeled frame and goes round in a circle irrigating the crops.
Most of the big ones like in this area are government agricultural projects and some will raise animals also and grow fodder crops at times to feed 'em.
But if you look hard around the country you may find the odd lone pivot which will be a private venture. There are some of these in the west - Wadi Al Hayat but they are very new - don't think the imagery is new enough to find em.

Terrorist training - if that's the case be prepared for World War III - they cover a huge area of the Libyan/Saharan desert. Some of them will have been there since the 1980's at least.

Oil - piped to refineries, not left sitting in the sun or soaking back into the ground.

Water - there are some huge open resevoirs linked to the GMMR project but only a handful and not that far south.

From: j
Sun Oct 30 10:50:56 -0800 2005
Water reservoirs of the Great Man-made River Project.

More Information:

From: Shadrack
Mon Oct 31 01:58:04 -0800 2005
You are all wrong........these pictures are of the Holey Land.

From: Ravendark54
Mon Oct 31 02:03:18 -0800 2005


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