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Come experience the Jardin zoologique du Québec, a garden of plants and animals to discover.

The Jardin zoologique du Québec has a special new bird collection and new horticultural exhibits. Come enjoy our stunning animal collection—over 750 specimens of 300 different species.


The moment you arrive at the Jardin’s visitors centre, you enter a wonder-world of different thematic gardens and beautiful, original designs. (May to October) During your visit, you will see species from all over the world in a magnificent environment enhanced with ponds, aviaries, and living vegetation. (May to October)
As you explore our various gardens, you will travel though our huge, 2,400-square-metre greenhouse, (all year long)where you will experience different tropical climates, including the splendors of Indonesia and Australia. Surrounded by lush vegetation, you will encounter animals such as fishing cats, tree-dwelling kangaroos, siamangs, and several species of birds, insects, and reptiles.
Take a trip back in time when you visit the Conservatory, (all year long)where heaps of treasures and rare species brought back by travelling naturalists await you. Then, in the wink of an eye, you’re in the magnificent Africa sector, (May to October) where you will discover meerkats and African birds—you may even get a chance to enter the lemur-contact cage…
If you have children, you’ll enjoy stopping at the farm or strolling through the forest to get a close-up look at our white-tailed deer. (May to October) You can also attend a bird-of-prey flight exhibition and watch the animals being fed. (May to October)

Visit the new Jardin zoologique du Québec all year round. Many surprises and an unforgettable experience await you!



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