Great Wall of China
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From: [email protected]
Sat Jan 28 10:26:06 -0800 2006
I'm not convinced that is the Great Wall....looks like just a mountain range, and seems much too far north of Beijing

From: Ravendark54
Mon Jan 30 12:51:50 -0800 2006
If you check google earth, you'll see that its one of many places identified as the wall. However due to the low rez images of all the wall sites, its hard to truly tell what it iz without an overlay...which I haven't done yet.

From: [email protected]
Fri Feb 03 12:52:34 -0800 2006
I've seen that location in Google Earth, but I don't think it is correct. It is about 55 miles southeast of Dalai Nur lake. The northernmost section of the Wall I've found in my atlas, as well as several maps I've checked online, is well over twice that distance from Dalai Nur to the south-south-west, and about a hundred miles north of Beijing.

From: mitinkun
Wed Mar 08 20:06:18 -0800 2006
Not sure is this the right place to post this message. But I was looking for great wall of china around Beijing. Which ended with no result. So I looked further north west and found this one. I just need others to verify is this the correct site.
Since there is no pictures of Great Wall of China is avaliable on Google Earth.
Here is the location:
37 00'48.31" N
102 11'29.35" E

From: meBigGuy
Sat Jul 08 21:08:41 -0700 2006
Here is a much better view:

"great wall" lat=40.3555014285, lon=116.008396423

From: tedder
Sun Jul 09 20:12:18 -0700 2006
map link from meBigGuy. Thoughts, anyone?

From: pete592
Sun Jul 09 20:40:21 -0700 2006
meBigGuy definitely nailed it.

It's centered on an area where obviously a lot of tourists get their Great Wall fix. The wall is crossing this area from south to northeast, with guard towers and the double line of the wall's top rails clearly visible. There's a bazillion tour buses just down the hill to the east.

I'm trying to figure out what this particular fortification with the all the people in the couryard is called.

From: pete592
Sun Jul 09 21:39:23 -0700 2006
I think I found the name of meBigGuy's great wall site. This is the BaDaLing Fortress along the BaDaLing section of the great wall:

The big highway that heads southeast to Beijing is the BaDaLing Expressway:

If you follow the wall north from BaDaLing, it loops back south (clockwise) to JuYongGuan Pass, which also has its share of tourist traffic:

116° 1'55.15"E

From: Shadrack
Sun Jul 09 21:56:26 -0700 2006
I am certain that meBigGuys link is to Badaling is correct. I have been to Badaling for my Great Wall of China fix about ten years ago and this is Badaling for sure.

One of the most amusing sites at the Great Wall at Badaling was a Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet, complete with a cardboard cutout of Colonel Sanders!

From: Jumper
Fri Jun 11 02:35:07 -0700 2010
Yeah, um-- you can type in "Great Wall of China" in the search area- and... it pops right up.

From: Thanatar
Sat Feb 19 05:02:58 -0800 2011
40 26 9 north. 116 33 43 east. Very nice view of the great wall

From: birdman
Thu Mar 24 22:05:17 -0700 2011
Known to the Chinese as the 'Long Wall of Ten Thousand Li', the formidable defensive structures built to ward off invasion of the Celestial Empire by barbarians is called the Great Wall or the Great Wall of China by Europeans. The principle of these extraordinary fortifications goes back to the Chunqiu period (722-481 BC) and to the Warring States period (453-221 BC). The construction of certain walls can be explained by feudal conflicts, such as that built by the Wei in 408 BC to defend their kingdom against the Qin.
Its vestiges, conserved in the centre of China, antedate by many years the walls built by the Kingdoms of Qin, Zhao and Yan against the northern barbarians around 300 BC. Beginning in 220 BC, Qin Shi Huang, the founder of the Empire of the Ten Thousand Generations, undertook to restore and link up the separate sections of the Great Wall which had been built in the 3rd century BC, or perhaps even earlier, and which stretched from the region of the Ordos to Manchuria.

From: Alilmo
Fri Jan 13 08:20:28 -0800 2012
Why do I just see a Highway guys? Help!!!

From: bbadventure
Thu May 24 09:16:27 -0700 2012
Hello Adventurers,
For those wondering where the Wall is around Beijing, I was there in 2010 and had intentions of visiting the wall, but I had planned on going on the next day after arriving. Big mistake. Remember the time zone change....and the buses leave early and I wasn't up for it. So keep that in mind. There should be plenty more info. out there about the buses in Beijing that go to the wall.


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