Camp Bondsteel
Big, new US base in Kosovo

From: Mark
Tue Mar 07 16:30:18 -0800 2006
Recently updated so that the base is partially in high-res. Some helicopters parked on the west side.

From: tedder
Tue Mar 07 17:31:34 -0800 2006
nice. Can anyone ID those helicopters? Are those pads a common thing?

From: taseas
Fri Mar 10 05:21:15 -0800 2006
Apache's to the north, Blackhawks to the south. You can tell the "oval" shape of the blackhawks on the southern pads and the stub wings on the Apache's to the north.

From: wtfo
Mon Dec 04 14:17:18 -0800 2006
Hey! That Apache isn't wearing a P.T. Belt!

From: wtfo
Mon Dec 04 14:22:00 -0800 2006
I hope that the Serbians don't have Google or we are screwed

From: Zenchina
Tue Jan 09 09:16:29 -0800 2007
No, we don't have. We are insifignicant, little, uneducated nation. I wrote this message telepatically.


From: Melissa
Sat Oct 06 14:38:13 -0700 2007
Be happy if albanian don't know about this

From: WoX
Mon Mar 09 15:53:19 -0700 2009
is there any dug out ?!

From: nsgentian
Wed Oct 26 10:12:51 -0700 2011
Hey Melissa, it is a 36 Hectares (90 Acres) camp and not 36 meter square for us not know!
Anyway, does anybody know how can I get deployed here?
I'm 91F stationed in Germany.

From: Gerhardt
Wed Sep 12 20:15:56 -0700 2012
@nsgentian: US National Guard units are rotated in and out every year, they're usually Maneuver Enhancement Brigades though. I was there a few years ago shortly before I was discharged. Being of Serbian heritage, I admit I mainly stuck to my own (Fluent in Serbian as well, which helped). Only thing to do really is drive around the perimeter trying to waste time. Felt more like a prison sentence then a post.
Did break a former KLA members nose once .... Good times :)


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