Opel Zoo Kronberg
Georg von Opel - Freigehege für Tierforschung e.V.

From: tedder
Sat Aug 27 04:26:25 -0700 2005
I'm just not sure about this one. I mean, the area in the satellite looks like a golf course. Is the map link correct?

From: barbatus
Sat Aug 27 13:08:01 -0700 2005
According to the zoo's website and Map24, it's located here. It is, no doubts, a golf course at the center of current picture.

From: LSD
Sun Aug 28 01:25:31 -0700 2005
Yes you are right. I think its this golf course. The real link should be: this one.

From: tedder
Sun Aug 28 08:01:55 -0700 2005
I updated to LSD's link. Barbatus, your link appears to go into a subdivision.


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