Bognor Regis pier
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From: tedder
Thu Sep 15 18:05:17 -0700 2005
what are the lines extending into the water from the beach? Are they breakwaters, and if so, why?

From: Epiphone
Wed Mar 07 01:31:58 -0800 2007
Seems a normal practice
Check out Barrier beaches

From: Bruce
Wed Mar 07 13:35:46 -0800 2007
Yep. Those are groynes. I helped my family build a number of them on my granparents beachfront house on Cape Cod when I was a lot younger. They break up the wave action that would otherwise scour all the sand away. The groynes trap most of that sand and can actually build some of the beach back up as long as they're properly maintained. Here's a view of the ones I helped to build.


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