Le plus grand site embouteillé d'europe
jonction A4 - A86 un cauchemard ! ! !!

From: tedder
Thu Nov 03 13:42:37 -0800 2005
what is the translation of this? I'm guessing "most congested intersection in Europe". Is that right?

From: xaomel
Fri Nov 04 00:47:55 -0800 2005
Yes, I think you're right.
And I would add : Intersection Highway 4 and 86 - A nightmare.


From: Epiphone
Thu Mar 01 06:07:10 -0800 2007
Check out:
Spaghetti Junction

Even a new toll road was built to bypass this part of the M6 Motorway near Birmingham.

There are a few places which try to claim to be busiest in Europe, of course M25 around London is extremely busy (Nickname is the biggest car park in Europe).

From: Alan
Mon Mar 05 09:13:41 -0800 2007
I don't get it. This doesn't look congested at all. There are no traffic jams anywhere near this intersection! What makes this place special? How is it different from any of the other thousands of highway intersections in the world?

From: JamesD
Mon Jan 28 16:05:09 -0800 2008
Alan, it may not be congested in Google's photo (which rather defeats the point of its being on this site), but it is the south-western end of a section with not enough lanes as the A4 (the main autoroute east from Paris) and A86 (a major ring road) share a section. The results can be spectacular here, although the other end in the am rush hour is even more fun...


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