Stade Charlety
Un des rare stade dans paris meme.
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From: tedder
Fri Dec 30 14:39:34 -0800 2005
Can someone provide english information on this?

From: Harry Hayfield
Sat Dec 31 23:24:47 -0800 2005
I believe that is the Stade du France in Paris (although my French isn't that good either)

From: James B
Sun Jan 01 01:12:14 -0800 2006
It is the Charlety Stadium. The description means: "One of the few stadiums actually in Paris" (as opposed to those that claim to be in Paris but are outside the city limits presumably)

From: titoine
Sun Jan 01 10:54:15 -0800 2006
hi !
This stadium is NOT the "stade de france"
The charlety stadium is in the south of Paris in Paris intra-muros.

From: tedder
Sun Jan 01 12:41:04 -0800 2006
For reference, here is the Stade de France

From: zinzan
Thu Jul 29 08:42:48 -0700 2010
is charlety stadium the one used for alfred hitchcocks film 'topaz' for the duel at the end of the film?


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