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Australia's Tallest Industrial Chimney
Until a few years ago, the Port Kembla Primary school was located next to the chimney. The school was fitted with alarms and sensors to warn the teachers and students of toxic gas levels.

From: tedder
Thu Aug 03 08:19:47 -0700 2006
how tall is that chimney?

From: AndreaBT
Thu Aug 03 19:59:17 -0700 2006
Not tall enough, apparently, if they had to arm the school with sensors!

From: Shadrack
Thu Aug 03 21:05:49 -0700 2006
This chimney is 198 metres and was the tallest chimney in Australia when completed in 1965. The school was right next door, just over the fence. The place was covered in soot and ash and apparently acid rain. The Department of Education finally closed the school a few years back. One of my sisters was on staff here in the mid 1970's as a school teacher.

From: culwulla
Mon Jun 08 19:36:03 -0700 2009
yes, the giant stack was the tallest in AUstralia from 1965-78 when it was surpassed by the 270m Mt Isa stack in QLD.
It is now planned to be felled in 2010 after a japanese firm have bought the land and want to develope into housing estate. A 20m brick chimney dating back to 1925 will be only structure saved on the site. shame.


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