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Willie Nelson's IRS-claimed house
Don't know which house was his, maybe someone can show it.
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From: Pitter
Sat Dec 09 00:01:11 -0800 2006
Just north of the Pedernales Country Club is a former property of Willie's: a cluster of condominiums he built with greeninsh roofs. Just follow Briarcliff up to Paisley Dr and you'll see these condos on the perimeter of the country club's parking lot. Also, next to the condos along with some of the golf club's facilities is a recording studio Willie built (I think may be called Pedernales Studios) where many famous artists have recorded. Willie's tour manager, "Poodie" lives in the condos and owns a great bar in the area called Poodie's on Hwy 71 in the Spicewood area. About 10-12 miles east of the Spicewood area down Hwy 71 (just east of the intersection of 71/620) is one of the best outdoor concert venues in the country, "The Backyard". Willie usually plays a weekend a year at The Backyard and the venue has dozens of other touring acts play throughout the spring, summer and fall.


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