Great Wall of China Northwest of Badaling III
A high resolution section of neglected wall continues here and winds westward.

From: AndreaBT
Tue Jul 18 08:52:48 -0700 2006
These are fantastic! I have been trying to locate some GW views for some time. Thanks for posting these.

From: pete592
Tue Jul 18 09:33:57 -0700 2006
You're very welcome Andrea. Finding them is a lot of fun and I'm hoping that there are other hi-res sections still to be found.

I still have yet to find a somewhat detailed map of the great wall online, which would be a huge help. If anyone out there has seen one, please pass along a link. :-)

From: pete592
Tue Jul 18 09:51:17 -0700 2006
As soon as I ask for good map link, I find one myself, LOL.

National Geographic has a pretty good one in PDF format:

From: pete592
Tue Jul 18 15:58:37 -0700 2006
Holy cow, where are my manners? Ted's the one that posts them. I only suggest them. Thanks from both us Ted!

From: tedder
Tue Jul 18 18:50:16 -0700 2006
but you found them. We've been trying to find GW for a while- good work, Pete.


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