Area 51

From: hayabusa
Wed May 24 10:28:21 -0700 2006
a few miles north-west there is another airport and barracks, can anybody say if is part of Area 51 or not?

google maps link,-116.227283&spn=0.030548,0.058537&t=k&om=0

google maps link with the two airports one near the other,-115.996399&spn=0.489208,0.936584

From: bdk
Wed May 24 22:55:19 -0700 2006
After taking a look at the runway to the NW, I zoomed in on it and it looks like it is a target set up for the bombing range. If you look close enough you will see SAM sites and an airplane (target) on the runway!!!!

From: Londonboi
Fri Jul 23 10:06:07 -0700 2010
Can some one please tell me why there is what as it seems ice in the middle of the desert???

From: bdk
Tue Aug 17 16:30:41 -0700 2010
It is not ice but salt and other chemicals---Area 51 is also known as Groom Lake

From: dachemist
Tue Aug 17 21:24:20 -0700 2010
I think its irresponsible to post satellite images of a classified area.
National security can be comprimised very readily by these sight seeing
While we should be informed of generic efforts but the need to know does not exist for those who have no constructive need to access this information
Its a dangerous world and satisfying some transient petty curiosity "gee a ufo!!! " by showing these does more harm to this nations security
Excersize some restraint and try to recognize that americas strategic defense is all that stands between us and a teeming hoard of self sacrificing lunatics who would kill u for pocket change and the cheap thrill it offers the sociologically stunted
So try to be objective and responsible. Most people have no clue how evil and sadistic people are and how many hate this country.
Thats my only contribution and there was a great deal of info
on those that could be used to ascertain whats going on but given sight see ers were responsible for strategic planning against america at pearl harbor .
So with freedom comes responsibility

From: Loree
Tue Sep 14 13:10:12 -0700 2010
This image is not classified information. It has been made freely available to the public by the United States Government.

From: Elvisdark
Sat Sep 18 18:57:18 -0700 2010
not only is it not classified but anyone in the world can see it on google, one of the most popular websites of all time and if anyone who was actually a threat to national security wanted to see these images im sure they would have no problem getting them on their own

From: Indy in Indiana
Mon Sep 20 08:14:52 -0700 2010
The countries that would have interest in what goes on in Area 51 and other secret locations, have their own spy satellites flying over these locations with a heck of a lot better resolution than this. No one can step foot on this land without security knowing about it. You don't have to worry about some terrorist blowing the place up.

Besides, it's the most famous "secret" place on earth and we still don't know what goes on there.

From: garytheprinter
Mon Nov 29 09:36:59 -0800 2010
We come in peace. Don't think that because these map pictures are something to worry about. THEY GUARD THIS AREA WELL...BANG...HALT.

From: mappy
Mon Nov 29 09:37:42 -0800 2010
If you look below to the left of area 51 you will see another white lake bed. Right above it is where they used to test underground nukes. You can see all the sunken in caverns that look like hills but they are actually collapsed caverns. Got to go there on a school field trip back in high school. It was a cool sight!

From: ellenlangsetmo
Mon Nov 29 15:00:44 -0800 2010
Has anyone tried to launch past the guards at area 51 qps

From: biochemigal
Mon Nov 29 16:05:04 -0800 2010
To "dachemist":
You should use "da spell check" before posting. Did you know you had eight spelling and three grammatical errors?

From: 5amu
Mon May 23 11:43:55 -0700 2011
Im pretty sure Bush only had one father....not four

From: Ghost_Dog
Mon May 23 15:58:32 -0700 2011
FACT CHECK, Ya gotta do it. This photo is not Area 51, and it is not even in the srstate of Nevada. This photo is Edwards Air Force Base, Ca. and Rogers Dry Lake Bed.
(Don't just take my word for it, look it up on your mapping program).
Yes, there are exotic aircraft at Edwards AFB, afterall it is the home of the Air Force Flight Test Center and NASA Dryden Research Facility.

From: Sabaharr
Mon May 23 16:48:22 -0700 2011
Hey, cool, I can see my motorcycle. Actually I build the satellites that take these photos. Without giving anything away I bet most readers know that this is a low res pic compared to what is possible.

From: Ratfink99
Mon May 23 20:50:29 -0700 2011
Hate to tell the gentleman above, but this isn't Edwards AFB. (1) Edward's just north of here and anyone in the area can drive by there. (2) Been there, done that - 32 years AF; flew in and out of Edwards in the past on training duty. (3) Go to Google Maps and type in "Groom Lake, NV". Then type in "Edwards AFB, CA" compare. Light comes on.

From: whatsdat
Mon May 23 21:48:52 -0700 2011
Zoom out 4 times. Directly north you'll see green dots. Zoom in on the largest cluster until you can only see the bottom 6 of those on the screen. Click on pan right. By the 4th click you'll see something that just doesn't belong. wtf?

From: lurker000
Mon May 23 21:49:13 -0700 2011
This is area 51. In my opinion, the Wikipedia picture is more accurate. There is a buffalo wing bar in Las Vegas that has an aerial photo of Area 51 on the wall. That is much more detail than a satellite.

From: vaporland
Tue May 24 19:59:07 -0700 2011
I drove thru Rachel, NV in 1997 with a friend who has visited the periphery of Nellis AFB many times. She lives in SFO but would drive down and park just outside the base boundary and watch the test aircraft flying around at night.

I accompanied her one time. We drove quite a while thru the desert on a dirt road until we came to (no lie) a stop sign in the middle of nowhere.

(It reminded me of that scene in "The Andromeda Strain" when they drive to the secret base in the middle of the desert.)

Anyway, we took a right, drove around a mesa and came upon the base boundary. There were fence-height telephone poles spaced about 50 yards apart, ringing the base perimeter for as far as the eye can see.

At the top of each pole were what looked for all the world like a bundt cake pan pointed away from the base. On top of the mesa were (and I saw this myself and this is absolutely true) two men in black business suits with black sunglasses standing next to a black Jeep Cherokee.

Yes, in the middle of the desert, in the middle of (basically) nowhere. They had one of the bundt cake pans mounted on a tripod and pointed at us.

We waved, they waved back, but we did NOT cross the boundary. It was amazing and chilling. We left shortly thereafter.

The weekend that the movie "Independence Day" was released in 1996, my friend had driven down to Rachel. On the way to the base boundary line, she came upon an ABC-TV news van from Las Vegas which was barreling down the highway ahead of her.

Apparently they were going to do some kind of news story about Area 51 since the base was prominently featured in that movie.

The van blew past the boundary markers, and my friend said that within 30 seconds, four black Cherokees came out of nowhere and blocked the van's path.

The MIBs swarmed out of the Cherokees, got the news crew out of their van, bundled them into the Cherokees, got into the news van and everyone then drove off in the direction of the base, not to be seen again that day (or any other) by my friend.

She said the entire incident occurred within a time space of about two minutes. The two MIBs on the mesa remained after the others had left.

(I imagine that those news reporters have been preserved in formaldehyde ever since...)

From: Bigeyes
Tue May 31 02:50:04 -0700 2011
Maybe we are selling bundt cakes to the martians and shooting them into outter space from area 51.

From: Bigeyes
Tue May 31 02:58:36 -0700 2011
This is bundt cake warfare. Stealth bundt cakes. You can be hit and not know where it came from.

From: Chubby Lizzie
Thu Jul 14 03:57:06 -0700 2011
FAO whatsdat: If you ever read this, I'd just like to say, I followed your instructions perfectly, found the dots, zoomed in and right and what appeared was amazing. Didn't expect it at all but loved it.
FAO 5amu: Your sarcasm is a fantastic reply to Hydro's tantrum.
P.S. Never heard of bundt cakes in the UK but like Area 51 itself, some things are best left a mystery.

From: satanscalling
Mon Aug 29 02:13:41 -0700 2011
If you play the video game 'Area 51' you will actually discover the blue prints to the actual Area 51's secret underground fortress.
While the aliens may not necessarily be a proven fact, the main protagonist to the game, one Ethan Cole was actually named after a -then- gaffer for the film set of the Apollo moon landing who was an avid map-maker for his local boy scouts.
His son was a game designer at Midway Studios and after the release of Area 51 (who's maps are actually exact replicas of the Area 51's buildings and various sub-levels) his father was assassinated by the CIA.
The son and his family have since relocated to North Korea where they've become close friends with Chairman Kim and he lives out his days playing Mahjong and genetically mutating turtles into submarines.


From: jemjr1
Fri Aug 16 15:57:26 -0700 2013
There is another landing trip and barracks at the north end of area 51 outside Tonapah Nv about 15 miles to the east. I believe the highway is 6. there is a marker on the highway but says nothing. just a blue guided missle. the road goes to the tonapah test range which is part of 51

From: beenthere
Sat Aug 17 01:11:55 -0700 2013
Yes, the runway to the north is a private air strip for the Tonapah area and the buildings use to be dormitories. The actual Area 51 is not there area anymore, all of the buildings and hangers are there but they are rundown and falling down. Some of the offices are still being used but mostly they are closed up.
As for showing the area via satellite, those that still work up there keep track of the time and when one is about to pass over everyone and everything go inside for 20 minutes. If you look closely at the view you don't see anyone or anything outside. It appears like there are planes outside but they're not, what you see are painted on the ramp (not real, old parking spots).
Area 51 has been declassified and a lot of those that worked there can now talk about it, the National Geographic channel had one of the better specials that I have seen; it brought back memories of when I was there.
Always remember we will never tell it all to anyone, I have even left things out. If we told all the mystery would be gone!

From: Lightpaws
Sat Aug 17 07:59:41 -0700 2013
It's clearly going to be a debate long into the future. If the military doesn't want you to know what is going on in there you won't be told. If they use fake photos, we can't be for sure. And clearly No Air-force personnel that had access to Area 51 is going to talk openly about what they know. I was a Captain in the service, so don't spout off you know things about this base. If you had and you posted about it, you'd vanish into Leavenworth Prison or just simply vanish.

From: aliensforlife
Sat Aug 17 11:45:07 -0700 2013
i want to go home . thanks for the map my home is there.please put all your time and energy into God and you shall seek him . i have experienced more miracles in my life then try ing to look at a building hoping for some excitement. God is real and how about getting to know him and the astonishing ways you will see him not some hopefull aliens. my friends father hears messages from heaven and this man is so special in more then one way. he does not seek aliens but instead lives a simplist life and does for others always. gives is time to nature and God.

From: Bamafan11
Fri Sep 18 15:48:19 -0700 2015
If you zoom out 4 times from the original spot it sets you at on this website, are all the clusters where they tested bombs? I was just wondering because when I was zooming in to them I thought I saw huge indentions, almost looking like giant bowls, right in the middle. My mind might just be playing tricks on me though, as the quality isn't too great when you're that zoomed in. Thanks for any answers!


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