Sino-Korea Friendship Bridge
One of the few ways to travel between China and North Korea

From: Bruce
Thu Oct 26 16:01:13 -0700 2006
I find the views of the two sides of the river/border rather interesting. The North Korean side appears very bland, almost monochromatic, while the Chinese side is dotted with colored buildings & rooftops. A rather telling view of the two countries politics and economics.

From: tedder
Thu Oct 26 18:09:54 -0700 2006
That is very interesting, Bruce.

Also note the Broken Bridge immediately next to this bridge. Fairly appropriate bridge name.

From: pete592
Fri Oct 27 07:03:22 -0700 2006
Another very telling sign of the economic disparity is the number of automobiles in the streets on each side. In North Korea, almost no one can afford a car.

This is even more obvious when you compare the streets of Pyonyang to those of Seoul.

From: Slimnoca
Tue Mar 24 13:46:20 -0700 2009
Very cool


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