AMRC military airplane boneyard 1
At Davis-Monthan AFB. Can anyone ID these planes?

From: Ravendark54
Sun Aug 21 00:35:58 -0700 2005
There are several C-130's, some KC-10's, at least one AWACS, aircraft, several a-10's and a small squadron of F-14 Tomcats.

(used Neave Lab's Flash Earth to help w/ the ID.)

From: joestegmaier
Mon Aug 22 06:22:35 -0700 2005
There are also several B-52's and what look like C-141's. I think I saw some F-15's and what might be F-5's.

From: Omnicyde
Fri May 26 23:06:46 -0700 2006
The boneyard holds all those aircraft and more... It includes F-16s, F-4s, A-10s, and more recently, four B1-B Lancers. Navy planes end up there as well; F-18s are all over that place. Those god-huge planes are C-5s.

From: Alan
Sat May 27 04:37:56 -0700 2006
At the northwest corner of the planeyard, you can clearly see where on old runway ends. Zoom out and you'll see that the runway is now used as a road!

From: burlap
Thu Nov 23 15:12:13 -0800 2006
The street marked Coolage Ave. is also known the hall of fame. There are F-4's, P-3 orions (prop planes with the long tail boom), wb-57, a-6, misc. helicopters

From: plane guy
Tue Dec 11 12:32:00 -0800 2007
MD-80 (or military equivalent)
OV-10 (small twin tail prop)
737-200 (or military equivalent)

From: chicher
Tue Mar 10 15:16:52 -0700 2009
A6's, F4's,OV10, 727 and what everybody else said

From: chicher
Tue Mar 10 15:19:03 -0700 2009
a-7's a-4's, hueys, cobras,

From: chicher
Tue Mar 10 15:23:07 -0700 2009
E2c's, C-2's

From: chicher
Tue Mar 10 15:31:11 -0700 2009
learjet, fanjetfalcon, F-104

From: jamesb298
Tue Mar 10 18:35:13 -0700 2009
Not even kidding, it says "Hi mom" in the field on the very top right corner of the airfield right before where the houses start, did anyone else notice this?

From: thegreatact
Thu Apr 02 23:03:14 -0700 2009
There are lots of different kinds of Aircraft here. I will list them by Type:

F-14, F-4, F-16, F-105, F-111, F-15, F-5, F/A-18, F-104, F-84, F-100

A-4, A-5, A-7, A-10

C-130, KC-135, C-141, C-40, C-21, C-22, C-5

E-3, E-2

B-1, B-52

UH-1, UH-60, SH-3, MH-53, AH-1

T-6, T-45, T-2, T-34, T-37, T-38

From: tehmike
Tue Apr 28 09:32:02 -0700 2009
Looks like 60-70 F-4 Phantoms (maybe more) of various types, almost as many A-4 Skyhawks, S-3 Viking ASW aircraft, C-130s, B-1B Lancers, B-52s, some F-111 Aardvarks, C-141s, a few old Tomcats, F-8 Crusaders, quite a few F-16s, and many small prop airplanes and helicopters. Some A-10s, and if you look carefully, you can find an old Flying Boat in there (It has two wingroot mounted turboprops and has spade shaped wings)

From: SU-47 Berkut
Thu Oct 15 13:48:10 -0700 2009
there isnt any f-5's in there i think those are f-20's. but there is also f-4's, a-10's, c-5's, f-111's, b-52's, c-130's, kc-135's, b-1b's, av-8's, ah-1's, f-16's, f-14's, i dont think those are 727's because they dont have a third engine in front of the tail, awac's, uh-1's, and i cant tell if those are f-15's or not and i dont see any f-18's either

From: cae29wuh
Mon Dec 27 15:06:39 -0800 2010
I saw an F100 and an F106 many F4s, f14s, KC-135s, f111s, F15s, A10, P3s, C130s, C2, E2, SH3s, AH1s, C141, B1B, CH47/46s, F18s, C5As, T33s, C123s, F16s. It is sad to see such glorious aircraft in these various states of disrepair/destruction.

From: frig8
Sat Jul 07 09:14:57 -0700 2012
Did anyone notice the helicopter in flight in the middle of the base?


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