Taj Mahal
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From: Neantaeus
Tue Sep 20 05:28:03 -0700 2005
Is that it on the south side of the river bend?

From: [email protected]
Sat Jan 28 14:12:18 -0800 2006
Yep, that's it.

From: ManOnTheMoon
Tue Sep 12 16:28:00 -0700 2006
...someone tell that on the other side of the river the Maraja want build one like that but black... as his tomb... but his son take him on the prison... where he can see the taj mahal until his dead.

From: madhumarls
Wed Nov 01 02:24:40 -0800 2006
hi this is madhumitha in 10tyh standard . i nsaw the website google earth and was amazed to know about the greatest wonder of the world tajmahal. thanks to google earth

From: biju
Fri Jan 26 07:31:47 -0800 2007
lot of thanks to my favorite web
and owners of this web


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