Palac Kultury (Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science)

From: Mark
Fri Sep 15 15:22:40 -0700 2006
Riga has a similar structure that can be seen here

My guess is they were both gifts of the Soviets.

From: Mark
Fri Sep 15 15:33:16 -0700 2006
And they both are related to Moscow State University
As described in Wikipedia.

From: cygaj
Thu Nov 09 20:46:14 -0800 2006
Indeed, the palace is the gift from the Soviet Nation to Poland. Opened on 22 July 1955 after 3 years of building, and named after Joseph Stalin. Still the highest building in Poland (230 m with the needle, 168 m w/o it).

From: SeeKar
Thu Feb 08 11:02:21 -0800 2007
I recently stayed in the Novotel across the street from the Palac Kultury. One of the jokes among Poles is that this would be the ideal building to live in. That way, you could look out the window and not have to see it!


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