Swastika-shaped building
Any information, someone?

From: Cruisefiend
Mon Jul 25 20:57:42 -0700 2005
Part of the Amphib Base where the Navy Seals train.

From: Schick5000
Thu Nov 17 13:59:21 -0800 2005
I have heard of two reasons for this. The first one is that German prisoners of war were housed on the base and used as laborers. Since the buildings were not all built at the same time the overall layout got past the navy.

The second reason is the buildings were built in this layout because of the bombing formations used by Japanese pilots. If the base was bombed using what the U.S. believed the normal flying formation would have been, only some of the complex would be hit.

I have no idea if either of these are fact, but they are the only reasons I have been able to find. If you hear anything different please let me know.

Good luck

From: tyranny response
Tue May 16 10:59:51 -0700 2006
if you go to the google map and you look at it from true north it is turned 180 degrees. if you research history you find the sun symbol is thousands of years old found on ancient secret society tablets a couple thousand years old. but the ancient symbol was not origanly turned 180 degrees hitler did this to indicate the negative. the pentagon is acually a satanic symbol it really forms a pentagram and the top point is facing north because according to the ancients or there occult astrology system you gather power from the gods of war from the north star or sumthing like that. in ancient babylon they sacrificed there children to moloch(its in the bible) and moloch was worshiped as an owl, a goat headed beast, or any diety. if you go to google earth or just the search engine around the congress building is an owl and the building sits in its belly. these im sure these are all coincidences and its crazy to think our so called leaders are involved in satanism? well in the bible it says satan is the ruler of all the kingdoms of earth jesus admits it in the bible. these people worship sun symbols. in the bible it says satan will desguise himself as an angel of light( the sun) the god that masons worship horus the sun god. and the bible also says at the end of the world the comming of lucifer will show himself hidden in plain view if great signs and symbols. it is also important to note that george bushs grandfather acually got fined for trading with hitler before and after the war. the bush family fortune origannly came from him owning shares in aushawits death camp. hitler was in the order of death secret society and bush and his father are part of skull and bones secret society at yale where inside is allegly a headed statue of hitler. these are death cults from the german bavarian illuminati. founded may 1st 1776. if you still have doubts look at alex jones' work Dark secrets inside bohemian grove documentry can be viewed for free at google video beta. there about 2000 members a year go to a secluded redwood grove in northern california where for about 2 weeks of the summer political leaders,masters of industry, media figure heads ( cough walter cronkite) go there and infront of a 45 foot stone owl they sacrifice 4 moch bodies in effigy where they have a little play and mention babylon, moloch, as an owl and do moch human sacrifes there own annals put out by them have pictures of bush,nixon,regean walter does the narration of the play and in my own opinnion its occultism. the definition of occult is secret thats there religion is secrecy. but alex jones snuck in and got it all on tape and you can be the judge for yourself. so if you wanna believe crap like it was before the war then the building cant be related. or its where nazis were held, or the japs are comming thats all lies to avoid the too unreal thing to believe and thats that these people worship lucifer. a warning to people june 6th is the year of there lord 06/06/06 so be watchful for a terrorist attack or a biological outbreak or sumthing eveil is bound to happen. and i leav you with 1 last piece of info september 11th 1991 , george busg sr. speech to the U.N said that what is at stake here is a big idea that a New Worrld Order can emerge from these troubled times. 10 years to the date look what happened. bush jr has said that when our ancestors prophecised a new order of the ages it was an ancient dream meant to be fullfilled. the bible says at the end of time the world will create a 1 world government controlled by 10 kings and they will be of 1 mind and all there power will be unto lucifer. dont believe me do the research for yourselves. good luck

From: tyranny response
Tue May 16 11:06:57 -0700 2006
sorry my mistake it was rotated 45 degrees not 180 . 180 degrees would be the same picture sorry.( note to self, do your research)

From: joestegmaier
Wed May 17 06:13:19 -0700 2006
Um. Wow. Sometime before June 15, 2006, take a look at the first frame of this comic strip:

From: Former Squid
Tue Feb 06 22:40:48 -0800 2007
I used to work in the building across the street (just south of the white watertank). The building in question is a barracks building built in the mid to late sixties. This is all just an amusing coincidence.

When I was checking out, the building had just gone through an extensive remodeling, which was a big improvment for the inhabitants.

The "German story" was interesting, but those buildings were lonh two story ones of which only a few remain. There is only one quonset hut left too (if it's still there). It used to be a museum (across the street from the Mc Donalds).

From: Alan
Sat Feb 10 13:44:36 -0800 2007
What a nut! What Bible has that guy been reading?? Certainly not THE Bible. Notice that none of his "it's in the bible" claims were actually documented with book, chapter, and verse.
As to the building's design, I doubt that Japanese soldiers in WW2 suddenly became architects while they were imprisoned on a US navy base.

From: joestegmaier
Mon Feb 12 10:51:45 -0800 2007
Alan, I did a search at biblegateway.com and found nothing about Moloch (big surprise). The only things in the New Testament about "all the kingdoms" of earth were Satan (futilely) tempting Jesus in the desert.

Anyway, an updated link for the cartoon I referenced a few comments ago:


The first frame applies to this guy's long rant.

From: my3rdeye
Thu Mar 15 22:00:01 -0700 2007
in reponse to alan you had mention that you dont know what bible "Tyranny response" is reading but you fail to do your research look under wikapedia.com there is ton of information about moloch also they are several name that this diety goes by in the bible 1 Kings 11:4-12 moloch goes by the name Milcom defintion for Molech,MOLOCh,Milcom,or Malcham "in the bible the god of the Canaanites & Phoenicians to whom children were sacrificed" everything TYranny has said is true before you critize someone make sure you do the research for yourself put the word Moloch in a serach engine and you'll find all the bible verses you need i dont know what BIBLE you reading but you can start by going to WIKAPEDIA.com Knowledge is Powerful but you have to be willing to seek it to attain it stop DEny it and go seek the knowledge for yourself :}

From: my3rdeye
Thu Mar 15 22:46:10 -0700 2007
to see more information on the owl symbolism around washington dc go to www.cremationofcare.com/illu_molech.htm
I hope everyone will be enlighten this is no goddamn coincedence about the architectural designs of these buildings wake up people...Hitler did it once in Germany and Our government is following in his footsteps..WAKE up people before its too late..the government is already implementing the real ID act for everyone to have national ID cards (do a search look it up) you will not be able to travel or go into any federal building without this card,after the ID cards the next step is microchip in everyone hand..called VERICHIP go to WIKAPEDIA and look it up its all there in your face....2000 people so far has it and military soilders was the first one with it that was in the bible too right REVELATIONS "THE MARK OF THE BEAST" stop livig in the MATRIX and wake the hell up!! if you don't dont wake up yall will be walking around with the mark of the beast by the end of 2008 the government is trying to implement it

From: SpyderMonkey
Sat Mar 17 10:48:29 -0700 2007
my3rdeye is obviously unaware of the strict "one conspiracy theory per thread" rule.

From: teather
Sun Mar 18 17:11:48 -0700 2007
I have no idea why this building is shaped like it is and I have no overly researched theory but I do know that not EVERYTHING that T.R. was true. The Pentacle aka Pentagram is not a satanic symbol. It may be used by people claiming to worship the devil but that is not the original meaning of it. It is a protection symbol used by Pagans and such for a very long time. It's 5 points represent The Great Spirit, earth, air, wind, and fire. The goat head deity he spoke of was originaly the Pagan Horned God, who represent winter, death and what lives after it. With the research I've done, when Christians were trying to rid the world of anything non-Christain they would take symbols used by other religions and make them "evil" hence the "Goat Headed Devil". Remember Christianity is no where near the oldest religion.

I don't doubt that T.R. truly believes everything he wrote and I have no desire to prove him right or wrong, however it does sound to me like someone has been overdoing the X-Files. Not every crazy, conspiracy filled thing you read, dude.

From: teather
Sun Mar 18 17:47:09 -0700 2007
And I don't remember anything big, knarly, nasty or evil happening on 6/6/06. Funny. I was so sure the world was going to end. Funny.

From: pete592
Sun Mar 18 20:23:18 -0700 2007
Something big and nasty did happen on 6/06/06, "Godless" by Ann Coulter was released.

From: my3rdeye
Sun Mar 18 20:30:33 -0700 2007
spydermonkey need to check out this film..http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5355374476580235299&q=american+to+fascism&hl=en

if you are really american no conspiracy threads here partner!

From: teather
Sun Mar 18 20:32:23 -0700 2007
Opps! I miswrote. The 5 points mean The Great Spirit, Earth, Air, WATER, Fire.

From: Dylan
Fri Jul 06 02:45:10 -0700 2007
Lol. You guys think way too much. Especially that dude who probably spent like five hours rotating the picture to realize he rotated it the wrong way. It's pretty simple. Look to the left of the Swastika building and there are two other building that look like airplanes, perhaps bombers? Then on the right of the Swastika building, there is a field that has craters in it. It's not an act of war. It's showing that bombers went and destroyed Germany and left nothing but craters. Look at the picture. The proof is all there :)

Wed Sep 26 10:05:48 -0700 2007
I've been on this base numerous times and work down the street at the Naval Air Depot onboard Naval Air Station North Coronado Island. The fields to the right are athletic fields, nothing more. The "craters" are the pitcher's mound, home plate, etc... The air planes to the left... barracks. There was no plan, no agenda, the barracks building that looks like a swastika from the air has nice green open spaces so the military personnel may be able to relax and enjoy a few minutes off duty. Anyone who thinks it has something to do with some type of ancient "god" worship has a real serious problem and needs to seek help.

From: hokie65
Fri Sep 28 14:15:57 -0700 2007
Those that rage against anything should read this book.

Rage and Anger - The Iron Mask
The Common Sources of Personality Disorders

By: Dr. Sam Vaknin

Another comment, when an individual is trying to make someone look stupid, good grammar and correct spelling should be used. I see a comment by someone beating up on another person and this responder uses incorrect grammar and misspellings he loses all creditability with me is instantly lost. I stop reading at the first gaffe.

Go Hokies!!!!

From: SpyderMonkey
Fri Sep 28 15:08:29 -0700 2007
Looks like you guys win: Navy to alter swastika-shaped barracks

From: Shaddai
Sat Sep 29 06:31:33 -0700 2007
most of the conspiracy theory stuff mentioned about our government is true. and income tax is illegal and unconstitutional; a major fraud on all americans. The swastika building was most likely intentional in its design. And as for the recreation field, those circles are not the bases and pitcher's mound at all - that is just plain absurd when anyone with a brain looks at the field... they look to me to be nuclear missile silos. i can't think of any other reason circles of dead grass of the same shape and laid-out in a neat array would be in that field... unless, the sprinkler system has bee spraying out herbicide in the water... which would defeat the purpose of watering the field..

From: Indy in Indiana
Fri Oct 12 17:07:21 -0700 2007
Oh, and 23% of the worlds population are Aliens from Mars.

From: Mad_Biometric_Mo
Sun Oct 14 09:15:30 -0700 2007
From conspiracy theorists to perfectionists with no patience for either bad grammar or a slip of the key. Get a grip!

Is there not the possibility that plans, blueprints, sketches were drawn from concept to project completion?

Weren't the powers that be, privy to how this project would ultimately appear from an aerial view?

From: Mad_Biometric_Mo
Sun Oct 14 09:31:23 -0700 2007

Here's somethin' 2 chew on:

Do all personality disorders have a common psychodynamic source?
To what stage of personal development can we attribute this common source?
Can the paths leading from that common source to each of these disorders be charted?
Will positive answers to the above endow us with a new understanding of these pernicious conditions?

Acute Anger

Anger is a compounded phenomenon. It has dispositional properties, expressive and motivational components, situational and individual variations, cognitive and excitatory interdependent manifestations and psychophysiological (especially neuroendocrine) aspects. From the psychobiological point of view, it probably had its survival utility in early evolution, but it seems to have lost a lot of it in modern societies. Actually, in most cases it is counterproductive, even dangerous. Dysfunctional anger is known to have pathogenic effects (mostly cardiovascular).

Most personality disordered people are prone to be angry. Their anger is always sudden, raging, frightening and without an apparent provocation by an outside agent. It would seem that people suffering from personality disorders are in a CONSTANT state of anger, which is effectively suppressed most of the time. It manifests itself only when the person's defenses are down, incapacitated, or adversely affected by circumstances, inner or external. We have pointed at the psychodynamic source of this permanent, bottled-up anger, elsewhere in this book. In a nutshell, the patient was, usually, unable to express anger and direct it at "forbidden" targets in his early, formative years (his parents, in most cases). The anger, however, was a justified reaction to abuses and mistreatment. The patient was, therefore, left to nurture a sense of profound injustice and frustrated rage. Healthy people experience anger, but as a transitory state. This is what sets the personality disordered apart: their anger is always acute, permanently present, often suppressed or repressed. Healthy anger has an external inducing agent (a reason). It is directed at this agent (coherence).

Pathological anger is neither coherent, not externally induced. It emanates from the inside and it is diffuse, directed at the "world" and at "injustice" in general. The patient does identify the IMMEDIATE cause of the anger. Still, upon closer scrutiny, the cause is likely to be found lacking and the anger excessive, disproportionate, incoherent. To refine the point: it might be more accurate to say that the personality disordered is expressing (and experiencing) TWO layers of anger, simultaneously and always. The first layer, the superficial anger, is indeed directed at an identified target, the alleged cause of the eruption. The second layer, however, is anger directed at himself. The patient is angry at himself for being unable to vent off normal anger, normally. He feels like a miscreant. He hates himself. This second layer of anger also comprises strong and easily identifiable elements of frustration, irritation and annoyance.

While normal anger is connected to some action regarding its source (or to the planning or contemplation of such action) – pathological anger is mostly directed at oneself or even lacks direction altogether. The personality disordered are afraid to show that they are angry to meaningful others because they are afraid to lose them. The Borderline Personality Disordered is terrified of being abandoned, the narcissist (NPD) needs his Narcissistic Supply Sources, the Paranoid – his persecutors and so on. These people prefer to direct their anger at people who are meaningless to them, people whose withdrawal will not constitute a threat to their precariously balanced personality. They yell at a waitress, berate a taxi driver, or explode at an underling. Alternatively, they sulk, feel anhedonic or pathologically bored, drink or do drugs – all forms of self-directed aggression. From time to time, no longer able to pretend and to suppress, they have it out with the real source of their anger. They rage and, generally, behave like lunatics. They shout incoherently, make absurd accusations, distort facts, pronounce allegations and suspicions. These episodes are followed by periods of saccharine sentimentality and excessive flattering and submissiveness towards the victim of the latest rage attack. Driven by the mortal fear of being abandoned or ignored, the personality disordered debases and demeans himself to the point of provoking repulsion in the beholder. These pendulum-like emotional swings make life with the personality disordered difficult.

Anger in healthy persons is diminished through action. It is an aversive, unpleasant emotion. It is intended to generate action in order to eradicate this uncomfortable sensation. It is coupled with physiological arousal. But it is not clear whether action diminishes anger or anger is used up in action. Similarly, it is not clear whether the consciousness of anger is dependent on a stream of cognition expressed in words? Do we become angry because we say that we are angry (=we identify the anger and capture it) – or do we say that we are angry because we are angry to start with?

Anger is induced by numerous factors. It is almost a universal reaction. Any threat to one's welfare (physical, emotional, social, financial, or mental) is met with anger. But so are threats to one's affiliates, nearest, dearest, nation, favorite football club, pet and so on. The territory of anger is enlarged to include not only the person – but all his real and perceived environment, human and non-human. This does not sound like a very adaptative strategy. Threats are not the only situations to be met with anger. Anger is the reaction to injustice (perceived or real), to disagreements, to inconvenience. But the two main sources of anger are threat (a disagreement is potentially threatening) and injustice (inconvenience is injustice inflicted on the angry person by the world).

These are also the two sources of personality disorders. The personality disordered is molded by recurrent and frequent injustice and he is constantly threatened both by his internal and by his external universes. No wonder that there is a close affinity between the personality disordered and the acutely angry person.

And, as opposed to common opinion, the angry person becomes angry whether he believes that what was done to him was deliberate or not. If we lose a precious manuscript, even unintentionally, we are bound to become angry at ourselves. If his home is devastated by an earthquake – the owner will surely rage, though no conscious, deliberating mind was at work. When we perceive an injustice in the distribution of wealth or love – we become angry because of moral reasoning, whether the injustice was deliberate or not. We retaliate and we punish as a result of our ability to morally reason and to get even. Sometimes even moral reasoning is lacking, as in when we simply wish to alleviate a diffuse anger.

What the personality disordered does is: he suppresses the anger, but he has no effective mechanisms of redirecting it in order to correct the inducing conditions. His hostile expressions are not constructive – they are destructive because they are diffuse, excessive and, therefore, unclear. He does not lash out at people in order to restore his lost self-esteem, his prestige, his sense of power and control over his life, to recover emotionally, or to restore his well being. He rages because he cannot help it and is in a self-destructive and self-loathing mode. His anger does not contain a signal, which could alter his environment in general and the behavior of those around him, in particular. His anger is primitive, maladaptive, pent up.

Anger is a primitive, limbic emotion. Its excitatory components and patterns are shared with sexual excitation and with fear. It is cognition that guides our behavior, aimed at avoiding harm and aversion or at minimizing them. Our cognition is in charge of attaining certain kinds of mental gratification. An analysis of future values of the relief-gratification versus repercussions (reward to risk) ratio – can be obtained only through cognitive tools. Anger is provoked by aversive treatment, deliberately or unintentionally inflicted. Such treatment must violate either prevailing conventions regarding social interactions or some otherwise deeply ingrained sense of what is fair and what is just. The judgment of fairness or justice (namely, the appraisal of the extent of compliance with conventions of social exchange) – is also cognitive.

The angry person and the personality disordered both suffer from a cognitive deficit. They are unable to conceptualize, to design effective strategies and to execute them. They dedicate all their attention to the immediate and ignore the future consequences of their actions. In other words, their attention and information processing faculties are distorted, skewed in favor of the here and now, biased on both the intake and the output. Time is "relativistically dilated" – the present feels more protracted, "longer" than any future. Immediate facts and actions are judged more relevant and weighted more heavily than any remote aversive conditions. Anger impairs cognition.

The angry person is a worried person. The personality disordered is also excessively preoccupied with himself. Worry and anger are the cornerstones of the edifice of anxiety. This is where it all converges: people become angry because they are excessively concerned with bad things which might happen to them. Anger is a result of anxiety (or, when the anger is not acute, of fear).

The striking similarity between anger and personality disorders is the deterioration of the faculty of empathy. Angry people cannot empathise. Actually, "counter-empathy" develops in a state of acute anger. All mitigating circumstances related to the source of the anger – are taken as meaning to devalue and belittle the suffering of the angry person. His anger thus increases the more mitigating circumstances are brought to his attention. Judgment is altered by anger. Later provocative acts are judged to be more serious – just by "virtue" of their chronological position. All this is very typical of the personality disordered. An impairment of the empathic sensitivities is a prime symptom in many of them (in the Narcissistic, Antisocial, Schizoid and Schizotypal Personality Disordered, to mention but four).

Moreover, the aforementioned impairment of judgment (=impairment of the proper functioning of the mechanism of risk assessment) appears in both acute anger and in many personality disorders. The illusion of omnipotence (power) and invulnerability, the partiality of judgment – are typical of both states. Acute anger (rage attacks in personality disorders) is always incommensurate with the magnitude of the source of the emotion and is fuelled by extraneous experiences. An acutely angry person usually reacts to an ACCUMULATION, an amalgamation of aversive experiences, all enhancing each other in vicious feedback loops, many of them not directly related to the cause of the specific anger episode. The angry person may be reacting to stress, agitation, disturbance, drugs, violence or aggression witnessed by him, to social or to national conflict, to elation and even to sexual excitation. The same is true of the personality disordered. His inner world is fraught with unpleasant, ego-dystonic, discomfiting, unsettling, worrisome experiences. His external environment – influenced and molded by his distorted personality – is also transformed into a source of aversive, repulsive, or plainly unpleasant experiences. The personality disordered explodes in rage – because he implodes AND reacts to outside stimuli, simultaneously. Because he is a slave to magical thinking and, therefore, regards himself as omnipotent, omniscient and protected from the consequences of his own acts (immune) – the personality disordered often acts in a self-destructive and self-defeating manner. The similarities are so numerous and so striking that it seems safe to say that the personality disordered is in a constant state of acute anger.

Finally, acutely angry people perceive anger to have been the result of intentional (or circumstantial) provocation with a hostile purpose (by the target of their anger). Their targets, on the other hand, invariably regard them as incoherent people, acting arbitrarily, in an unjustified manner.

Replace the words "acutely angry" with the words "personality disordered" and the sentence would still remain largely valid.

From: au-courant
Sat Dec 25 16:11:28 -0800 2010
to Mad_Biometric_Mo

"Is there not the possibility that plans, blueprints, sketches were drawn from concept to project completion?"

I am a qualified draughtsman currently working with Autodesk AutoCAD 2011, and yes, one of the first steps in the planning process would have been a 2D plan from above defining building dimensions in relation to the surrounding area, so yes the planners would have been fully aware from the beginning they were putting a sun-symbol, infamously used in the cantered position by the national socialist party during the 1940s onto their military base.

this is very interesting, it is most likely that there is a masonic connection, they use many sun symbols in their "Grand Work" and many top level military and big business men are masons. worth looking into ;-)

to Shaddai

when you said "And as for the recreation field, those circles are not the bases and pitcher's mound at all"
"they look to me to be nuclear missile silos"

I don't think you were looking where i was looking, directly to the right yeah in line with the buildings that look like planes on the left, it really is a baseball pitch, or is it a giant nuclear bunker super killer shark atom bomb with frickin laser beams on their heads.....oh no its just a sports field....got a little carried away there

(apologies for mocking if you actually were looking in a different area)

From: pink000
Thu Feb 14 10:28:02 -0800 2013
Lived in an apartment complex where the buildings were layed out exactly the same way... it was in Amsterdam, NL, in the Molenwijk neighborhood.... or windwill neighborhood... so I don't see a swastika, I seen a windmill....


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