Alang Ship Breaking Yards
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From: jdm707
Thu Jan 05 22:28:31 -0800 2006
Hopefully a more detailed image of this particular area will be available soon.

From: Ildefonso P Neto
Thu Aug 03 08:22:38 -0700 2006
The aircraft carrier seen in this photo is the brazillian´s "A-11 Minas Gerais", broken in 2004.

"Minas" can be seen in Rio de Janeiro´s Naval Base here:

In this photo "Minas" is in front of "A-12 São Paulo" (ex-French ship "Foch"), before he went to India to be broken

From: pete592
Thu Aug 03 13:10:27 -0700 2006
Wow, high res at last! I saw a documentary about this place on Discovery HD Theater and I've been wanting to see just how big of an operation it is. What a sad situation for the people whose only option is to work here.

From: squid
Sat Jan 27 18:21:24 -0800 2007
I just read "The Outlaw Sea" by William Langeswiesche. A good study of the politics at sea including a narrative of the "recyclers" of Alang Beach.


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