Probable location of Hitler's bunker

From: Ravendark54
Wed Aug 24 21:43:03 -0700 2005
This could be it, but I was watching something on tv and it showed the "actual" location of the bunker as being in what is now a neighborhood park. The hostof the show said that the picture he was about to show was facing where the entrance would have been, meaning the location where Hiler and Eva Braun were burned would be in the for the picture a portable toilet was in the forefront.

the very macabre site has the image (found here:

From: barbatus
Thu Aug 25 03:51:25 -0700 2005
I don't get that obsession with Hitler and Nazis. What's wrong with you people?

From: Ravendark54
Sat Sep 10 15:08:18 -0700 2005
People seem to obsess over that which they can not understand.

From: Ravendark54
Sun Oct 02 12:03:40 -0700 2005
OK after much digging and hunting, it appears no one now a days running a website knows where the bunker was really at. The guy who runs seems to have a better grasp than anyone, so it may appear that against the claim of the picture I posted a link to, the bunkers is actually under a parking lot as said by the person who posted this spot.

From: DivaBeast
Tue Jul 17 13:42:47 -0700 2007
and to the left is a replica of a car that hitler may have ridden in.


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