The Magic Roundabout
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From: NickTheBatMan
Wed Jan 04 13:37:15 -0800 2006
This is one of the most complex roundabout systems you'll see - when it
is eventually full res. See
for a Google Earth placemark with overlay of higher res image.

From: SpyderMonkey
Wed Jan 04 16:12:17 -0800 2006

Check out the last picutre (from inside the Mini). This could never work in the US!

From: tedder
Wed Jan 04 17:11:39 -0800 2006
it wouldn't work, but it would be great fun to watch.

BTW, on the same topic, did you know the roundabout at Arc de Triomphe gives priority to incoming traffic? i.e., traffic inside the roundabout must yield to traffic entering the roundabout. It is pretty trippy to watch.


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