Wacol Correctional Facility (Prison)
Also known as Sir David Longland Correctional Centre and the home of Brendan Abbott (Postcard Bandit)
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From: nzenigma
Sat Jun 23 18:03:15 -0700 2007
The correctional centre being shown is not formally Sir David Longland Correctional Centre (SDLCC), but rather the Reception & Remand Centre.

From: grklein
Mon Aug 13 21:55:40 -0700 2007
Yes this is a picture of the Arthur Gorrie Correctional Remand and Reception Centre.

The Sir David Longlands facility is only a couple of kilometres to the east.

From: grklein
Mon Aug 13 22:14:05 -0700 2007
Sorry the SDL centre is a few kilometres to the WEST, just move the picture over a bit and you will see it looks much like R&R from above

From: grklein
Thu Mar 06 23:54:05 -0800 2008
If you zoom in on the prison the 4 W blocks are in the bottom right hand section of the prison adjacent to the oval, search for "themeeningoflife"

From: grklein
Sun Mar 30 20:18:42 -0700 2008
Yes if you do a google search for "themeeningoflife" (its spelt wrong but it sounds the same" and go to chapter 31 you will be able read a detailed account of life inside


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