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Inactive bombing target
in Monotony Valley
Show nearby | Submitter: Union Jack

From: jerycho
Fri Jan 13 11:12:03 -0800 2006
Why there is a triangle writed on this circles? What does in mean? I can not find any connections with this circles, which i think are the measure of the nuclear explosion. And second question: the circles are roads or what? I think that there are roads in shape of circle but devil knows..

From: Bish
Wed Feb 08 05:23:42 -0800 2006
This is indeed a bombing range target, one of three to be found within a 40 something mile radius, if you look around.

if you notice it's within the tonopah test range.

I would surmise that the concentric rings act as a scoring system, but hey that could be the skee-ball talking.


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