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Naval Station Norfolk
note the runway going over the highway

From: tagryn
Thu Feb 09 21:10:58 -0800 2006
Looks like there's two CVs (carriers) near the top of the row of ships, and two of what I think are helicopter-dedicated small carriers near the middle, judging from the markings on their decks. The southern CV has structures on its flight deck so may be undergoing some refit, but the top one has a clear deck. Wonder which ones they are?

From: cva66fox
Fri Feb 10 06:02:38 -0800 2006
The upper CV is the George Washington. The lower I believe
is either the Theodore Roosevelt or the Harry Truman.
The other carrier like ships are Amphibious Assualt ships.
the upper is the Iwo Jima and the lower is the Saipan


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