More Strange Markings
Unknown. Any ideas?

From: Mith18
Mon Nov 27 23:32:18 -0800 2006
Secret air field?
Like U.S.A's Area 51 in China?

From: Rozrr
Tue Feb 08 11:07:05 -0800 2011
These markings are all fake.
If you zoom right in to the circular one, you can see what look like toy planes and trucks. They look in fact like something from an early computer game.

The only one that I am not sure about is the 16 square grid. I would be very interested to share theories on that one.

If you tilt Google Earth to an acute angle you will be able to see that the markings to not match the terrain at all. If you had what purports to be such straight lines like runways etc, they would look far more natural. Just look up a real well known runway and compare it with these.

The mazes are just overlays done on the satellite images, they are impossible. The bit on the far lower right that is supposed to be something similar to HAARP shows at it's lower edge 2 tower arrays. However as you tilt Google Earth the shadows and angles of the towers remains the same.

You will also see that there is no perspective on the markings other than the 16 part grid. If this were for real you would see the angles change as you move around the objects.

Big fat poorly done fake...

From: Jerry742
Wed Nov 16 17:35:38 -0800 2011
Go to the Nazca lines in the Peruvian deserts of South America. It would be my thoughts that these are for the same purpose. To calibrate the scale of the earth and positions of objects on the surface of the Earth. The only problem for you is that the Nazca lines were formed before our civilization developed orbital space craft. So the big question is, Who used the ancient artifacts in South America and When?


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