TRANSIENT: Airplane in flight
After departure from Frankfurt
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From: Korkki
Fri Jun 02 05:26:57 -0700 2006
If you zoom out once you can see three airplanes in a row, take offing from Frankfurt am Main airport.

From: pete592
Fri Jun 02 12:57:28 -0700 2006
The plane has the airport to it's tail. So unless they land backwards in Germany, this plane is taking off and is not "on approach" as the caption says. LOL.

From: tedder
Fri Jun 02 14:21:20 -0700 2006
I'll change "On approach to Frankfurt" to "After departure from Frankfurt".

From: guamg8r
Tue Jun 06 14:33:03 -0700 2006
If you look at the last airplane of the 3 that are pictured taking off from Frankfort you can see that it is angled to the point that if you zoom in you can actually read the name of the airline, "Lufthansa".

This is amazing when you consider that the picture was taken from over a hundred miles in the sky above the airplane.

From: geeenius
Fri Jun 09 10:04:07 -0700 2006
I believe that these three planes are actually the same plane in sequential pictures. First, the planes should not be that close on takeoff. Second, the planes look the same. And Third, look at the highway for groups of cars that repeat themselves.

From: Ravendark54
Fri Jun 09 18:44:35 -0700 2006
Being 747, the jet blasts would create a devistating wake, so adding to what geeenius said, these planes should NEVER bee that close in the air.


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