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TRANSIENT: New overpass
Fairly wide overpass- looks like it'll be 5 lanes wide.
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From: Bruce
Tue Jan 02 09:17:33 -0800 2007
What's that stadium immediately to the southeast?

From: pete592
Tue Jan 02 09:57:46 -0800 2007
The new University of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals, featuring a retractable natural grass surface:

From: pete592
Tue Jan 02 10:01:35 -0800 2007
Oops, forgot the perljam link:

From: tedder
Tue Jan 02 10:19:42 -0800 2007
There will be a 'nearby' link tomorrow, which makes it a little easier to figure out. It just isn't available the first day.


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